Motorhome Service and Repair Workshop

It is important to regularly service your Motorhome regardless of how old it is or how often it is used. It is an essential part in ensuring your Motorhome is safe to use.

Anderson Motorhome Sales have an extensive workshop and highly experienced engineers who can perform a wide range of repairs and servicing for all models of Motorhomes:

Damp repair

Fittings and tyres

Handbrake Hitch

Towing Mechanism

Brake Linkages & Drums

Corner Steadies

Exterior & Road Lights

Water pump & filters

Taps and fresh water system

Toilet system

Toilet cassette

Sinks and waste water piping and outlets

Window leaks

Motorhome anchor replacement or repair

Door repair including leaks, strengthening or replacement

Security lights fitted

Skylights serviced or waterproofed

Roofing repaired, replaced or resealed

Furniture edging replaced

Pipes & taps repairs or renewal

Showers installed or repaired (shower head replacement)

Interior door repair

Additional power points or lights fitted or replaced

Floors & ceilings replaced following water damage

Locks & stays fitted

General plumbing & leak work undertaken

Water heaters checked and repaired

Carpeting and flooring fitted or repaired

Anderson Motorhome Sales have developed an excellent reputation in Northern Ireland.

Contact Anderson Motorhome Sales now on 02877763844 to enquire or book your Motorhome for servicing.